This is how to take the 213 Complex to lose the most weight.

213 Complex is a combination of three products and taking each at the correct doses for you will be key to the product both feeling and functioning exactly as it should.

Directions for the 213 Complex Fat Burning System

How to take the 213 Complex to get the best results!

213 Complex™ is the most advanced weight loss system you can use and it's important to test your tolerance with the products to make sure you're getting the maxium benefits. Read and follow the directions EXACTLY as they are written because everyone’s tolerance will be different and taking more than necessary isn't going to give you better results.

Take 213 Complex, Thyrofire and Burnout in a cycle of 5 days on, 2 days off.


  • Take one (1) to two (2) 213 Complex capsules with 18 ounces of water in the morning 30 minutes before a meal, and one (1) to two (2) 213 Complex capsules with 18 ounces of water five (5) to six (6) hours later.


  • Take two (2) Thyrofire™ capsules with 213 Complex in the morning and two (2) capsules with 213 Complex five (5) to six (6) hours later. It is recommended that you do not take Thyrofire after 5 p.m. as it may inhibit sleep. Do not exceed four (4) capsules in a 24 hour period. Take Thyrofire in the same five (5) day on and two (2) day off pattern as 213 Complex.


  • Take two (2) capsules with 16 ounces of water about 45 minutes prior to sleep. Take only when you have at least six (6) hours to devote to restful sleep.


Find the right dose for you.

Everyone is different, so to determine if you need one or two capsules start by taking one capsule in the morning with 18 ounces of water 30 minutes prior to your first meal. After five (5) to six (6) hours, if you feel you need it, you may take a second capsule with 18 ounces of water 30 minutes prior to a meal. As you continue to determine your tolerance you may work your way up to two (2) capsules in the morning with 18 ounces of water 30 minutes prior to a meal and two (2) capsules five (5) to six (6) hours later with 18 ounces of water 30 minutes prior to a meal. If you have a sensitive stomach or feel that the product is upsetting your stomach, you may determine your tolerance by taking 213 Complex with food instead of on an empty stomach. DO NOT EXCEED the recommended use of two (2) capsules per five (5) to six (6) hour window or four (4) capsules in a 24-hour period. It is recommended that you do not take 213 Complex after 3 p.m. as it may inhibit sleep.

Water is what your body uses to eliminate fat from your system so always take your 213 Complex capsules with 18 ounces of water and drink a total of at least 120 ounces of water per day.





Not for use by individuals under the age of 21 years. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. DO NOT use this product if you are at risk or being treated for high blood pressure, heart, kidney, thyroid or psychiatric disease, anxiety, depression, seizure disorders or stroke. Keep out of reach of children. DO NOT consume this product if you have a medical condition and/or taking any prescription medication. DO NOT exceed recommended serving. Discontinue use and call a physician or licensed qualified health care professional immediately if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache or other symptoms.

DO NOT USE 213 Complex if you have any pre-existing medical condition. This includes, but is not limited to: cardiac arrhythmia, high or low blood pressure, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, recurrent headaches, seizure disorder, anxiety, depression, psychiatric or epileptic disorders, diabetes, pernicious anemia, difficulty urinating, enlarged prostate, glaucoma or if you are taking a MAO inhibitor, anti-depressants, aspirin, non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs or products containing ephedrine, pseudoephedrine or other medications or over the counter drugs containing stimulants or any other medication.

DO NOT USE if you are pregnant or nursing, prone to dehydration, exposed to excessive heat or have an allergy to iodine. Discontinue use immediately and call a physician if you experience chest pain, tremors, dizziness, severe headaches, nausea, irregular heartbeat or shortness of breath. Consume a minimum of 130 ounces of water daily in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Too much caffeine can cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness and rapid heart beat.

213 For Her

213 For Her


213° is the most powerful fat attacking thermogenic product ever developed. The proven ingredients in 213° have been combined in their full effective doses to maximize your metabolism, increase the number of calories you burn, completely control your appetite, and reduce your cravings. Plus the precise blends of nootropic ingredients in 213° are designed to give you an all-day focused energy boost to attack your weight loss goals, and get the incredible results you want.

  • INCREASE FAT LOSS - Boosting metabolism and increasing your core temperature forces your body to burn fat as an energy source.
  • ALL DAY FOCUSED ENERGY - Having an all day energy boost will keep you on track with your goals by motivating you to do the work you need to do to reach your weight loss goals.
  • REDUCE CRAVINGS - By controlling your appetite and reducing your cravings for unhealthy foods, you'll more easily stay on track with a healthier diet.

You are putting in the work through your diet and exercise; get the best results possible with 213. To take your weight loss to the next level combine 213 with Thyrofire™ and Burnout™

Key Ingredients in 213 and 213 for Her

Methyltheobromine: A natural stimulant that not only gives you focused energy, but also increases your body's metabolism and calorie burning rate by increasing your thermogenic output. It also acts as a powerful appetite suppressant.

Green Tea Extract: A strong anti-oxidant that is also extremely effective at suppressing appetite. When paired with Methyltheobromine it has been shown to drastically increase overall caloric expenditure, by increasing the amount of fat burned.

Youvitan: A derivative of thiamine that plays key roles in enhancing nervous-system function and cognitive function by improving memory, focus and recall. It also augments carbohydrate metabolism and increases overall energy levels.

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Your thyroid produces the hormones that fuel your metabolism and it also controls natural energy levels. The ingredients in ThyroFire are designed to give your thyroid exactly what it needs to function at its optimal level. With your thyroid operating efficiently you'll have enhanced energy and your body will be targeting stored fat as its energy source in order to burn the additional calories it now needs.

  • BOOST METABOLISM - With your metabolism operating at its peak you'll be burning the maximum amount of calories possible.
  • BURN STORED BODY FAT - Focusing your body on using stored fat as its energy source will lead to the weight loss you really want.
  • OPTIMIZE THYROID FUNCTION - Your thyroid is the catalyst to efficiently and effectively burning more calories and body fat.

Use Thyrofire in conjunction with 213™ or 213 for Her™ and Burnout™ to achieve even better weight loss results!

Key Ingredients in Thyrofire

Kelp: High in concentration of iodine, which is essential for the formation of thyroid hormones. These hormones regulate the body's energy production and promote a higher metabolic output, which increases overall fat loss.

Chromium: Highly effective at balancing blood sugar levels through it's roll in the metabolism of glucose (sugar) and the synthesis of protein. A deficiency in chromium can lead to unbalanced blood sugar levels, which has a negative impact on the adrenal glands making it more difficult to burn fat.

Raspberry Ketones: Key in the release of the hormone Adiponectin, which plays a crucial role in elevating metabolism and regulating blood sugar levels for fat loss. Raspberry Keytones also enhance lipolysis, which is the breaking down of fat stores in the body.

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Deep, restful sleep is one of the major keys to weight loss and the blend of proven ingredients in Burnout have been shown to enhance quality sleep by helping you reach a deeper REM sleep each night. Burnout will help your body fully recover and reduce cortisol levels…a hormone that increases with stress and signals your body to store fat. With cortisol at a healthy level you'll be less stressed and your body will again be ready to burn fat.

  • REDUCE CORTISOL LEVELS - Stress increases cortisol levels and elevated cortisol levels signals your body to store fat in the midsection.
  • PROMOTE OVERNIGHT FAT LOSS - By getting deep restful sleep you encourage nighttime fat loss.
  • LOWER STRESS LEVELS - Low stress levels helps optimize your metabolism so you are burning more fat.

Use Burnout™ in conjunction with 213™ or 213 for Her™ and Thyrofire™ to achieve even better weight loss results!

Key Ingredients in Burnout

GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid): The main neurotransmitter in the brain that is responsible for relaxation, which is vital to your body's ability to reach REM sleep. Optimal sleep patterns are essential for recovery and the reduction of the destructive hormone cortisol, which increases the metabolism of fat through the night.

Ava Pepper: Has relaxation and calming properties that relieve several negative symptoms, most notably stress and disrupted sleep. Decreased stress levels are essential to your body's ability to effectively burn fat.

Melatonin: Proper sleep is an integral component to weight loss success. Melatonin is a hormone in the brain that helps regulate your circadian rhythm. This is what controls your internal clock and natural sleep patterns, allowing you to sleep and recover properly all night.

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There's a difference between just losing weight and true long-term fat loss. To lose the right weight and get the body you've always wanted you have to target fat. 213 Complex does that better than any product that has ever been developed. The 213 Complex Fat Burning System is designed to put your body in a optimal fat burning state 24 hours a day so you're losing the weight you "REALLY" want to lose.

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